The Life Cycle Of A Coconut  

Coconut trees are very difficult to grow, and needs a tropical climate to grow. For example, in places like Florida in the United States, coconut palms do grow, but when the weather gets cold the tree develops root rot.

Coconut trees are very sensitive to weather and cannot grow without frequent irrigation. Currently coconuts grow naturally in more than 80 countries of the world.

The life cycle of the coconut is very interesting for study. At every stage of the growth, you can actually find some use of the coconut palm. The coconut starts of a small tiny fruit, and it takes about a fortnight for it to reach the stage of a full green coconut. The fruit can be plucked even at this stage as the insides of it will be rich with coconut water. The water is consumed by several people. The water is protected by a small white tissue. Over a period of time the small white tissue becomes more succulent and reaches a rich white hard texture. The outside of the coconut starts turning into a hard brown shell. This is a full grown coconut.

Full grown coconuts are broken, and the white pulp is used in cooking. The water is still present in the coconut. If left on the tree even after it is completely grown, the water completely dries up, and a coconut flower appears inside the fruit. However, beyond this point the fruit cannot be left to mature.

The whole maturation process of a coconut takes nearly three weeks. Coconuts can be plucked at different stages of their lifecycle for different purposes. Also, once the fruit completely matures, it falls off the tree on its own.

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The Life Cycle Of A Coconut




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The Life Cycle Of A Coconut )
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