Durian Mousse Cake Recipe

Durian Mousse Cake Recipe

There is no single person who has tasted durian and does not love it. Durian is used in several ways like some people have juice made out of it, some eat the fruit and you can also make a plethora of desserts with the fruit.

One of the best durian desserts to taste is the durian mousse cake. The best part is that it can be made at home as it is pretty simple to make. You need some basic baking ingredients to start with and shop for durian. Then, you are all set to make the mousse cake. A mousse cake consists of sponge cake and you should have the ingredients for the sponge cake ready. Here is a list of ingredients you need.

Sponge Cake Ingredients:
3 eggs
60 gm sugar
75 gm sifted plain flour
60 gm melted butter or corn oil

Sponge Cake Method:
Preheat oven to 160° C. Grease and line a deep 7" round baking tin.
Whisk eggs and sugar at maximum speed for 5 minutes until ribbon stage.
Fold in sifted flour.
Fold in warm melted butter or corn oil, until batter is shiny.
Pour into baking tin and bake for about 30 minutes.
Turn cake out from baking tin onto wire rack to cool. Cut the cake into 3 layers.

Durian Mousse Filling Ingredients:
250 gm Durian flesh, blended
150 gm fresh milk
125 gm non-dairy whipping cream, whipped
20 gm gelatin
5 tbsp water

Durian Mousse Method:
Soak gelatin in water for 1 minute. Boil the mixture until gelatin is dissolved.
Boil milk and blended durian flesh. Then add in the gelatin mixture. Leave aside to cool
Fold in the cooled durian mixture into the whipped cream

        Now take the durian mousse mix and add between the cut layers of the sponge cake. Then give the finishing touches by covering the cake with the mousse. Refrigerate the cake for around 2 hours. You can serve the durian mousse cake with a dollop of whipped cream.

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Durian Mousse Cake Recipe