How To Eat A Durian ?

How To Eat A Durian ?

When you look at a durian for the first time, you wonder how does any one eat this fruit and like it also.

However, the durian taste is unequalled by any other fruit, and that is what makes people keep coming back to it. It has a pungent odor to the extent that several Southeast Asian luxury hotels have banned the fruit.However, once you cut past the poky and thorny exterior of the fruit and the odor, the flesh of the fruit is simply amazing to eat.

Before you eat, make sure that you select the right fruit because a wrong one can you put off the fruit for the rest of your life. Select a durian which is at the peak of its ripened state. However, do not go for an overripe fruit either. You should know how to differentiate.

Slice the durian into two along the line you see on it. This is when it will smell the worst. So, be prepared. However, once you cut, you are done. Reach inside the fruit and take out the fleshy yellow or orange part and scoop it up. Once you eat this soft flesh, you will realize that it tastes somewhat like cheese. This is the best part you have been waiting for. However, you will need to spit out the seed as it is not meant to be consumed.

Never attempt to bite the exterior of the durian to get to the insides of the fleshy part unless you want to end up vomiting. People who know how to eat a durian know how to enjoy the fruit also.

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How To Eat A Durian