Are Pumpkins Considered A Fruit Vegetable ?

Are Pumpkins Considered A Fruit Vegetable ?

Pumpkin can be considered as a fruit and vegetable. In several cuisines, pumpkin plays a role of a vegetable and gravies are made out of it. People also eat pumpkins raw. A ripe pumpkin can be consumed raw.

From a culinary point of view, anything that has to be cooked is considered as a vegetable and salad vegetables can be had raw.Going by those standards, pumpkin serves both the purposes. In some Asian countries, a pumpkin is considered as a vegetable. Pumpkin is very good for health, and it has several curative properties. It has health benefits for people who have thyroid.

Scientifically anything that has seeds is considered as a fruit. A pumpkin qualifies as a fruit even in the scientific category. The pumpkin belongs to the squash family. It grows on a creeper-like plant. It is bright yellow or orange in color.

Pumpkins have varied uses from decorative to eating and people also make deserts. A pumpkin pie is a classic example of a dessert. During Halloween, people carve pumpkins to decorate the house. They also make pumpkin pie and various other dishes out of it. The right season for harvest of pumpkin is during Halloween when the cold is just about to set in.

It is one of the most popular fruits in the United States, and it is widely cultivated in several parts of the country. The seeds need to be planted in early July as pumpkin needs warm weather to grow. In addition, because the fruit grows on vines and creepers along the ground, you need a lot of space to grow pumpkin vines.

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Are Pumpkins Considered A Fruit Vegetable