Cherry Fruit Nutrition

Cherry Fruit Nutrition

Cherries are a favorite fruit for many people. They are small, and have a sweet smell and taste. They are bright red in color and is a heart shaped fruit. Everyone should eat cherry because of its various health benefits.

Cherries contain water, and have crisp texture just like apples. The best season to find cherries is from May to July. Cherry is also an ideal summer fruit because of the water content in it. There are several good nutrients in cherries. It is rich in energy and has a good amount of carbohydrates. It is high in minerals like potassium. There is a wide range of vitamins in the fruit.

Vitamin C 15 mg per 100g

Provitamins A (carotene) 0.40 mg per 100g

Vitamin B3 0.35 mg per 100g)

Vitamin B5 0.20 mg per 100g

Vitamin E 0.13 mg per 100g

Potassium 250 mg per 100g

Phosphorus 71 mg per 100g

Calcium 17 mg per 100g

Magnesium 13 mg per 100g

Iron 0.40 mg per 100g

Cherry can be used for various types of culinary preparations. It is widely used in baking. One can make a cherry pie or a cherry cake. People also make exotic stuff like chocolate coated cherries.

The best health benefits from cherry can be had by eating the fresh fruit. While buying the fruit, you should look for the bright red color. This color denotes that the fruit is sweet. To get maximum health benefits, you should eat the cherries immediately after buying them rather than storing or refrigerating them.

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Cherry Fruit Nutrition