Facts About The Apple  

It is common to hear that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apple has several health benefits, and it is rich in Vitamin A. An apple is considered as an extremely good fruit for kids as well as adults. Apple comes in red, yellow and green colors.

Here are some facts about the apple.Actually the crab apple is the only fruit that is native to North America. Fifty percent of the apples produced in the United States are supplied fresh, and 50 percent is made into juice and other processed items. More than 30 states in the US grow apples. It is one of the most favorite fruit in the country. Apples are also exported to other countries from the US.

Apple pie is also a favorite American dessert. There are different varieties and qualities of apples available. Apple trees grow in mild and cold weather. They do not typically prosper in a temperate or tropical climate zones.

Apple can be had without peeling the skin. Most of the fiber in the fruit comes from the skin. It has no fat, sodium or cholesterol. Apple is the only fruit in America that is available throughout the year. There are only 80 calories in a medium sized apple. It is also an ancient fruit and has existed for thousands of years. Even the Bible mentions the apple. However, apple tree cultivation takes a very long time. It takes at least four to five years for an apple tree to bear fruits. In America, it is common to find people, who have planted an apple tree in their back yards.

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Facts About The Apple




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