How Do I Make Flower Shapes Out Of Fruit ?  

Fruits carving can be a very interesting hobby, and also a unique way of decorating your dinner table. All types of fruits can be used for decorative purposes, including berries.

Whether the fruit is small or big, you can always find some way to decorate the dinner spread.Carving flower shapes out of fruit is an innovative way to present your salads. However, you should choose a fruit for its color and shape. Usually fruits that are soft and pulpy, or those which have only juice inside them are not good for carving. Like grapes and mangoes, for example, do not make good specimens for carving. Fruits that are hard, crispy and sturdy can be carved easily. For example, pumpkin is used for carving a Jack O'Lantern during Halloween.

In order to make a flower, choose a good fruit like an apple or a watermelon for example. You will need other things like knife, cookie cutter and spoons. If you are using a watermelon, first cut it open and remove the pulp from the watermelon. Use only the sturdy part of the fruit for the flower. Now take the cookie cutter, and carve out shapes from the slice of watermelon. You have to be a bit careful here as you may end up cutting out more than necessary or just break the slice. Be gentle and place the cookie cutter on top of the slice. Gently press it down, and you will automatically get the desired shape. To decorate it further, you can use a green grape or a black berry and put it in the middle of the flower.

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How Do I Make Flower Shapes Out Of Fruit




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How Do I Make Flower Shapes Out Of Fruit ? )
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