How To Make Fruit Look Like Flowers ?  

Fruits are great to eat because most of them are very tasty, and they are also very good for health. Fruit salads made out of fresh fruit is an ideal way to have more than two or three choices of fruit everyday.

Also, serving fruits when you are entertaining is a great way to get the benefits. You can make fruits look interesting by carving them. Also, it is a great way to decorate the table and the food spread.Fruits can be carved into several shapes, and you can make interesting things out of them. You can carve the fruits in the shape of a flower also by using simple tools.

Some of the fruits that are ideal for carving are watermelon, pumpkin, apples, and many more. Use simple tool like cookie cutters that come in the shapes of a flower. If you are using an apple, then you can carve a flower bud or rose bud out of it. An apple is red in color, and so is the bud of the rose. So, you can use several creative ideas to make the fruit decorative.

In order to make a flower out of watermelon you need to cut a slice and scoop out all the loose flesh from it. You then have to press the cookie cutter down gently, and then make the desired flower shape. You can use other small fruits like grapes and berries to decorate the center of the flower. You can also use toothpicks to connect one fruit to another.

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How To Make Fruit Look Like Flowers




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