Is A Cherry A Berry Or A Fruit ?

Is A Cherry A Berry Or A Fruit ?

A cherry is fruit. It is a small sized fruit, which contains one seed within it. Berries are a bunch of fruits that have many seeds, and also are fleshy.

Black berries, strawberries, and raspberries are all types of berries. Whereas, cherry is a fruit in the strict sense.Cherries contain something called the anthocynanins, the red coloration found in berries. This particular ingredient is extremely good for reducing pain and inflammation. They are also effective antioxidants. Drinking a small glass of cherry juice can actually reduce aging effects, and also give a fresh glow to the skin. In addition, cherries reduce cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. So, the fruit is extremely good for heart patients.

Cherries are usually sour and sweet to taste. They look like miniature sized apples. Also, they have a bright green stem. Cherries are available from May to July. They are a summer fruit.

The best way to have cherries is when they are fresh. People can have a cup full of cherries during their breakfast. You can also mix cherries with cereal and have it. Most of the fruit contains water, and that is why it is very good to have it in summers. The antioxidant properties of cherry also keep the skin hydrated during summers preventing it from premature aging. The goodness of cherries is also extended to prevent serious ailments like cancer in people. Cherries are also low in calories and that is why it is possible to eat even a handful of them.

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Is A Cherry A Berry Or A Fruit