Is Avocado A Fruit Or Vegetable ?

Is Avocado A Fruit Or Vegetable ?

Avocado is a fleshy vegetable, and in most parts of the US, it is considered as a vegetable. It is widely used in Mexican cuisine, and the famous guacamole is made out of avocado.

It is a buttery and rich vegetable. It is a pear shaped vegetable and there are several varieties of it. Miniature avocados are also grown in the US. They only come in winter and spring, but in the US they are made available throughout the year in stores.You will find avocado in salads, and that is one reason why it is considered as a vegetable and not a fruit. It also tastes like a vegetable. However, when you have to buy avocados in the stores it is displayed along with other fruits. In some parts of the country, it is called the avocado pear and some people even call it the alligator pear. It has a rough exterior and also an uneven outer lay out.

Avocados grow on tall trees and are difficult to harvest.  It has a hard seed inside the fruit. Only the flesh of the fruit is used in cooking. It is also a chef’s favorite vegetable. Avocados are cultivated in Mexico primarily, and also in parts of California, Hawaii, and Florida. It needs hot weather to grow. The vegetable is best grown in tropical weather.

Avocados are used in several interesting ways like dips, squashes and also pastes. The paste of avocado is used for cooking chicken and flavoring meats or as stuffing sometimes.

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Is Avocado A Fruit Or Vegetable