What Kind Of Fruit Is A Pineapple ?  

Pineapple is a tropical fruit that has a thorny exterior, and the insides of the fruit are fleshy and yellow in color. There are thorns even on the inside of the fruit and they have to be cleaned carefully before consumption.

Pineapple is a strange name for the fruit because it neither belongs to the pine or the apple family. The only resemblance is that it looked like the pine cone to the Spanish people, and that is why the fruit was perhaps called a pineapple.

However, a pineapple is not a fruit at all. Actually it is a collection of berries. The pineapple grows on top of the plant. One plant has one pineapple only. It can take as much as 20 months for a plant to produce a fruit.

Pineapple is said to be a native of Brazil and Paraguay. People use it widely in fruit salads, drinks and also juices. Pineapple always has enjoyed a status of being an exotic fruit. It was also considered as a fruit for the rich in historic times.

Pineapple is oval and cylindrical in shape. It grows only in hot weathers. However, continuous cultivation of the fruit always seemed to be a problem. Many people find it difficult to consume the fruit because of the laborious efforts they have to put in towards peeling and cleaning the fruit before consumption. Also, the insides of the fruit also have thorns which need to be cleaned. It is not a favorite fruit for domestic use, but restaurants and food courts use quite often it for its decorative value.

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What Kind Of Fruit Is A Pineapple




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