Why Is A Tomato A Fruit ?

Why Is A Tomato A Fruit ?

Tomato is both fruit and vegetable. Tomato can be had raw, or it can be used in cooking. It is rich in Vitamin C and is a great antioxidant.

If you have a cup of tomato juice everyday, then your skin will look much younger in just a matter of few weeks.It is also a friendly vegetable that can be grown in at home. Tomatoes are grown from seeds and one plant gives out several tomatoes. They come in bunches of three or five each. Also, the tomato plant grows to medium height, and starts spreading out like a creeper. The plant covers the ground completely. In order to successfully grow tomatoes, the ground should be not be soaking wet after watering.

Tomatoes are widely used in drinks, juices and cooking. They can also be used in pickles. Tomato is grown throughout the world, and is used widely in Asian cuisines. There are several types of tomatoes available and in all sizes. Miniature tomatoes are also available. It is nice to have in salads or as a topping. Pizzas use a lot of tomato paste, and also as toppings. It has a sour and sweet taste, which is pleasing. It plays a neutralizing role in cuisine. Also, the Vitamin C that we get from it is good for healing within the body. Having tomatoes on a daily basis covers the body's need for Vitamin C.

Mexicans also cook rice in tomato paste, while Indian cuisine serves meat and lamb in tomato paste. There are several interesting ways to have tomatoes.

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Why Is A Tomato A Fruit