How To Grow Grape ?

How To Grow Grape ?

Gardening is a great hobby to have, and growing your favorite fruit gives all the more pleasure. Grapes can be grown in your back yard.

However, remember that growing grapes needs a lot of attention and care. Grapes grow on vines. So, eventually you need to invest in a good infrastructure of poles and support for the grape vines. Also, grapes need the most ideal weather to grow, and if the climate is too cold, then the frost will kill them.There are many varieties of grapes and some are very difficult to grow. As a beginner, stick to the most common type of grapes.

Choose a site in your yard that gets ample sunlight, and place the nursery cutting in that spot. Vines that grow in shade become susceptible to fungus. The soil for growing grapes should be loose and drain the water fast. Grapes also grow deep roots. So, the deeper the soil is made fertile, the better for the plant. Provide a support for the plant to grow. Remember, some grape varieties grow very fast. So, the stronger the support, the better it is. The fruits should be above the surface of the soil so that they do not rot. So, connect the poles using ropes and wires running across a symmetrical patch. You may choose to grow a few plants at the same time. After some time, the vines will become thick and take support of each other. You have to prune the grape vines when they are dormant. Fruits are produced only after a year of growing the grape vines.

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How To Grow Grape