Best Way To Eat Guava  

Guava is an exotic fruit and it grows in tropical climates. It is very tasty and is slightly more expensive than the pears. The guava is very similar in appearance to the pear but has a delectable taste. It exudes a fragrant aroma and the sweetness of the fruit is preferred by many including birds and humans. The guava can be consumed raw or after it ripens.


To easily eat the guava, choose a fruit that is ripe. A ripe fruit will be yellow in color. The raw ones are always green. However, the amount of ripeness can vary from fruit to fruit. Keep a ripe guava in your palm and squeeze it lightly. It should feel like a sponge on the outside and if it does not feel like that, then it is still not completely ripe.

The guava can be had along with the peel and to eat it, you can slice it up using an apple corer. You can cut the fruit into half and also have it. Even the seeds of the guava are very tasty. The fruit makes a good snack, and can be had any time. Slice up and store the fruit in the refrigerator.
Guava is a very nutritious fruit other than being delicious. It is low in calories but rich in vitamins. The skin of the guava fruit is high in antioxidants like Vitamin C. Some people think that it leaves an aftertaste in the mouth. The flesh of a guava is identical to the pear, and is the tastiest part. The center of the flesh has several small seeds. The seeds are hard to bite, but they blend well with the flesh. They are somewhat similar to strawberries. If the guava is ripe enough, you can even scoop out the flesh with a spoon.

There are different varieties of guava available and sold. The flavor is different, depending on the type. The color of the guava varies from greenish to bright yellow. The skin of the guava is either rough or smooth, depending on the variety. Guava can be had along with fruit salads, as a juice or an appetizer. It can also be had with honey, cream cheese and sugar. If you like spicy food, you can also sprinkle some salt and pepper or chili powder and have it. Guava puree can also be made into marmalade or fruit pastes.

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