How To Freeze Kiwi

How To Freeze Kiwi ?

The kiwi fruit is part of the actinidia genus, and has characteristics looking fuzzy skin and a lovely green color. It is tiny in size compared to the other fruits in the same family. When the fruit is ripe enough to be eaten, you will notice tiny black seeds in its flesh. The seeds and the skin of the fruit are also edible. Kiwi fruits can be cooked, eaten ripe, and also frozen. It is a non fussy fruit and can stay fresh for a long time. It is highly acidic and has several beneficial antioxidants. Since it can taste sour, you can add some sugar to bring out its true flavor.


Kiwi fruit can be preserved easily by freezing it. The frozen fruit can be used in garnishing, as a meat tenderizer and as toppings for desert. In order to freeze the fruit, choose a moderately ripe fruit and peel the skin.

Slice the fruit or chop it up as per your preference. Sliced fruits freeze easily and also it is easy to thaw them when you want it. Just leave it outside the freezer in a bowl of water along with the packet. In a couple of hours, you will have fresh fruit at your disposal.

Kiwi as a fruit is very acidic and you may need to add some sugar to sweeten it. Before freezing them, take a dry zip lock bag and place the sliced fruits in it. If you are freezing a large quantity, then divide them into smaller zip lock bags. This way you can use the smaller quantities as and when needed.

Kiwi fruit syrup can also be frozen. If you are using syrup, then pack them in containers. Or else, the syrup can mess up your freezer box. Plastic and glass containers are best to freeze the syrup. Seal the container and do not use large ones. Smaller containers are ideal.

Frozen kiwi fruit can have several culinary purposes. Kiwi fruit because of its highly acidic nature is an excellent meat tenderizer. You can drop in a few slices of the fruit along with the meat that is being cooked.

Kiwi serves very well along with salads. It can cut down the need for salt and also add taste to any salad dish. They are also decorative because of the bright green color. They make the dish look interesting and are nice tabletop garnishments. The fruit can also be added to desserts and ice creams.

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