Is It Ok To Eat Kiwi Skin

Is It Ok To Eat Kiwi Skin ?

Kiwi fruit is an edible fruit and even its skin is absolutely edible. There are various theories about consuming the skin of kiwi fruit. People of New Zealand eat the fruit with its skin. In many other countries, people normally peel the skin before eating it.


Kiwi contains high amounts of fiber and flavonoids. It also has many antioxidants. They are all very important for the body’s metabolism. It also increases the efficiency of the digestive and the cardio systems. The insoluble form of fiber available in it gives more consistency and acts on the body throughout the day.

Raw kiwi fruit is very good for health, but also contains a high level of pesticides. Growers spray the fruit pesticides, which tend to collect on the skin. You should be careful about the fruit before consuming it raw and with the skin. The effect of flavonoids may be minimal when compared to the ill effects of the pesticides.

In addition to this, many people find the downy and hairy feel of the kiwi fruit as a major put off. It is advisable to remove the hairy skin of the fruit and also some of the inedible parts before you eat it. There will be a lot of inedible debris collected on the skin. Any kiwi fruit will carry some sand and dust on its skin surface. So, wash it thoroughly before eating it. There can be some long term debris that has collected and they are responsible for diseases, such as digestive disorders, inflammation and colon polyps.

Only eat the kiwi fruit with the skin if you can ensure that they are free from pesticides. If you are growing your own kiwi fruit, then you can ensure that. If you live in a highly polluted area, then eating it with the skin is still not advisable. The skin tends to absorb the bad qualities of heavy metals.

Kiwi fruit is native to China, where is called Yang Tao. The fruit was brought to China by early missionaries from New Zealand. In the year 1960, the fruit was renamed as Chinese gooseberries. In 1962, the fruit was used for the first time in a restaurant in the US. An American visionary thought that the fruit can gain prominence if used in the right way. She also initiated the import of the fruits to the US in the year 1962. Soon after, the fruit became extremely popular in various countries it found acceptance into several cuisines.

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Is It Ok To Eat Kiwi Skin

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