When Is A Kiwi Ripe

When Is A Kiwi Ripe ?

Kiwi fruit, also known as the Chinese gooseberry, is a sweet succulent, and also has several important nutrients to offer for health. It is so high in Vitamin C that eating one fruit is sufficient for your daily needs of Vitamin C and Vitamin K. To enjoy a kiwi fruit, you must select the perfectly ripe one that is juicy. A raw kiwi fruit is of no use as you can barely peel it.


Knowing when a kiwi fruit is ripe is an easy task. Pick up a fruit and squeeze it gently applying light pressure with your thumb. Do not squeeze it completely. If you are too hard on the fruit, you will bruise it. If the fruit is ripe, you will feel the squishy sots easily on it. However, it should not be too soft where the juice flows into your hand even with gently pressure.

A ripe kiwi fruit will have a taut skin and a smooth surface. It will have an evenly spread color and there will be no bruises or discoloration. The skin will be flawless and if there are any signs of discoloration then the fruit is over ripe. Do not try to squeeze an overripe fruit with the tips of your finger.

If you buy slightly raw kiwis, you can make the ripening process faster by putting them in a paper bag. In two to three days, the kiwis will ripen. Kiwi does not need much to stay ripe and it can be left in the refrigerator for a long time. It can stay fresh for as long as 4 weeks. You can also store it at normal room temperature. To prevent it from ripening too fast, keep the fruit refrigerated. Unripe kiwis can stay in the refrigerator for several months. When you want to eat it, keep it out for a few days and it will ripen and is ready to eat.

There is a common perception that you have to peel the kiwi fruit before eating it. However, the skin has several beneficial nutrients and you can eat it along with the peel. The thin, fuzzy looking brown skin of the kiwi is in fact tastes contrary to the belief that it is bitter. The flesh of the kiwi fruit is bright green and has a beautiful texture. You can also have kiwi juice by pureeing it. It tastes best when drizzled over ice cream or in desserts.

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When Is A Kiwi Ripe

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