How Do You Know When A Mango Is Ripe ?

How Do You Know When A Mango Is Ripe ?

Mango is an extremely delicious fruit. A mango can be had when it is raw, and also when it is ripe. A ripe mango will look a rich yellow or orange yellow color. Selecting the right mango to eat makes all the difference in enjoying the taste.

The mango pulp is rich and buttery in taste and also texture. Mango can be made into juice and also had as milk shakes. However, most people love to eat mango as a whole fruit because the taste is best in a fruit form. So, how does one know just by looking if a mango is sweet or not? When you are allowed to pick mangoes, do not take the brightest looking one immediately.

Also size matters. Do not pick something that is very big. Pick a fruit that is medium sized. A medium sized fruit will fill your hand. Look for something that is soft enough. When you press your finger against the skin, the finger mark should be visible on the skin. Do not take anything softer than that as it may have started rotting. Mangoes can rot very fast, and the taste can be horrible even when the fruit is just beginning to rot.

Smell the fruit and it should exude a sweet phosphor smell if it is ripe enough. You can easily tell the raw smell. Raw mangoes can be very sour. So you will get a slight sour odor even if the fruit is little unripe. It will take a little time for you to get accustomed to this procedure but it is worth it.

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How Do You Know When A Mango Is Ripe