How To Eat A Mango ?  

There are several varieties of mangoes available worldwide. Some are known for their sweetness, while others are sour. And still there are other varieties that are extremely juicy.

Most people choose a mango that can be had without having to make a smoothie or a juice.One should know how to slice a mango and the best way to eat it. A mango has an oval shape with one end pointed like a nose. The top end is very pulpy and fat. In order to slice the mango, you need to cut along the rim of it. The mango has a flat seed inside, and it is located exactly at this axis. Avoid cutting the seed, and cut the slice only so that you get an even surfaced one.

You can cut the mango on both the sides so you get two slices from each side of the fruit. Take one slice and then start making horizontal straight lines first. Do not cut the skin. Just cut the flesh until the knife reaches the skin. Then start making vertical straight lines in a similar fashion. Once you are done, you will have small squares of mangoes on the slice. Now turn the slice inside out. The cut squares will not fall out because they are still attached to the skin. You can start eating the pieces with the help of a fruit fork or spoon easily. This is the best and non-messy way of having a mango.

Since mango has a lot of water content the fruit juice can drip out and you can end up being a mess. Also, the pulp is very sticky.

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How To Eat A Mango




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