How To Pick A Mango ?

How To Pick A Mango ?

A mango is a very delicious fruit, and it is available in summers in Asian countries. It is a tropical fruit, and grows only in hot weather. Mangoes come in various varieties, and there are several types of them.

Some of the most preferred ones are Alphonso mangoes because of its delicious taste and sweetness.One should know how to pick a mango while buying to get the best fruit in their basket. Mangoes range in color. Like some may be bright yellow, while some have a reddish tinge or greenish tinge to them. Mangoes that are not ripe may end up tasting sour and if they are over ripe, they may not be so sweet.

When you are picking the mangoes always smell them. You will get a distinct sweet smell from the mangoes. Also, pick a fruit that seems too big in dimensions for its size. Like a fat one for example. You can be sure that the mango is ripe because of its size. Another way to pick a ripe mango is to press your index finger on the fleshiest part of fruit and see if it is making an imprint. A fleshy and firm fruit will retain the shape of the finger imprint, and slowly lose it. The fruit pulp inside should be sturdy and not squishy.

Also, when you smell the fruit and you are getting a strong alcoholic or sour smell, then avoid buying the fruit because it will taste exactly like it smells.

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How To Pick A Mango