Mango Plant Care  

Mangoes can be equated to the apple for tropical areas. It is a unique fruit that grows only in the tropical weather conditions. A mango tree can typically take any amount of heat, but it is extremely sensitive to the cold.

There are several varieties of fruits that come from various mango trees.In India, these trees are even grown as hybrid where the trees have a short life cycle. They grow fast, give fruits fast and also die sooner than normal. If you have a mango plant, then you need to provide it with basic care. Make sure the plant is kept at a sunny spot, and the soil should be well drained in the initial years at least.

Mango trees require a moist soil to survive. So, you need to make sure the soil conditions are just right and avoid over watering the plant. When you plant a mango tree newly, make sure you water it everyday once in the evening. Water it thoroughly. Once the tree turns six weeks old or more, decrease the frequency of watering the plant. In winters, if there are rains or if it has rained well, then do not water the tree at all. The mango tree does not need all that much water and has good absorption skills. If you water it more than necessary, the tree may develop root rot.

If you are expecting frost or snow, then put a canopy above the tree to protect it. Also, if you expect the temperature to fall below 36 degrees, then suspend a light above the tree to provide artificial heat.

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Mango Plant Care




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Mango-Tree-Diseases      The mango tree is a tropical tree, and it requires a fairly hot climate to grow healthily. It also does not require that much water other than the initial few weeks of its growth. A mango tree is a fairly easy tree to handle provided the weather is ideal. Like any other tropical tree, the mango tree is susceptible to all the tropical diseases. Also, it can get afflicted with diseases at any stage of its growth. The twigs, leaves, fruits and trunk can get affected by diseases. More..




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