Does Mangosteen Have Any Nutritional Value ?

Does Mangosteen Have Any Nutritional Value ?

Mangosteen is also a tropical fruit from Southeast Asia, and it is not a relative of the mango. The outside of the fruit is a purplish color, and is inedible. However, the insides of the fruit are juicy.

The fruit ripens on the tree itself, and does not do well after being plucked. It also does not have a long shelf life.Mangosteen has great nutritional value, and has several nutrients beneficial for health. This tiny fruit is loaded with good vitamins and minerals.

It has high quantities of folic acid, manganese, vitamin c and also fiber. All these are very good for the body, and the body requires them also on a daily basis. Folic acid is very good for pregnant women especially and it is not made by our body. One has to get from outer resources only. It has some amount of iron and calcium. This is what any diet supplement would also have. However, by eating the fruit or drinking mangosteen juice, you are getting all the nutrients in their natural form.  

It is rare to see mangosteen being sold as a fruit in the United States. However, it is possible to get them in canned form. This may not be very healthy as the fruits are stored in sugar syrup.

Mangosteen has several medicinal uses. Several parts of the tree are used in medicine preparation. The barks and leaves are effective in curing intestinal and abdominal disorders. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and anti-cancer properties. However, eating too many mangosteens may cause acidity, or heartburn.

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Does Mangosteen Have Any Nutritional Value