Mangosteen Facts

Mangosteen Facts

More and more researches are realizing the valuable properties of mangosteen. There are several products being made out of mangosteen fruit, pulp, skin, bark, branches and leaves.

The medicinal properties of the tree are widely applicable, and several products are available today. Some are made out of the rind or peel, and some out of the fruit.Here are some mangosteen facts that you may not have know previously.

Mangosteen has antiviral properties. Having it in any form increases the overall resistance to fight diseases, and also you will fall less sick. The body’s immune system is strengthened by consuming mangosteen. The fruit gives a boost to the immune system. You naturally increase the power of the immune system and keep away several diseases including the ones like swine flu.

The fruit has anti bacterial properties and it can provide resistance against bacterial infections. Even skin infections caused by various bacteria can be avoided.

Mangosteen fights the free radicals in the body. Free radicals are the main reason for causing cancer; and as the free radicals multiply, the chances of getting cancer increase.

The fruit is known to reduce cholesterol and strengthen the cardiac muscles. When cholesterol is reduced, the artery walls are naturally stronger and it automatically reduces the chances of stroke in a person.

Wounds heal faster, skin rashes are reduced and infections are less likely to occur. Mangosteen has a high concentration of anti-oxidants that help to maintain the skin in a healthy condition. It also promotes tissue repair and speeds up the repair process. It can be a very good health supplement for athletes who are prone to tissue damage.

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Mangosteen Facts