What Is Mangosteen ?

What Is Mangosteen ?

Mangosteen juice is one of the most popular health drinks available today. It has several benefits and curative properties which explains its popularity.

Mangosteen is actually an herb that gives fruits also. The whole mangosteen plant is used for medicinal purposes actually.It is a tropical fruit and grows in the tropical parts of Southeast Asia. It is a small dark purple fruit, and is the size of a small sized peach or an apple. Also, it has no relation with the mango fruit which is also found in the same tropical areas. Mangosteen has a thick rind which cannot be eaten, and that is why it is peeled and only the flesh of the fruit is eaten. The center of the fruit is opaque and tastes wet like a tart. In North America, mangosteens are found in Canada or Hawaii. However, they are not transported into mainland United States.

There are several health benefits of mangosteen as a fruit and scientists are finding more and more uses for the fruit. The mangosteen rind is used to make tea in Japan and China. It has several dietary fibers and also folic acid. Also, it is highly recommended for pregnant women because of the high content of folic acid, Vitamin B6, iron, and calcium. It is as good as any health supplement. It also has antidotes which can control histamine and allergic reactions. It is good for sinus problems. It has antibacterial and antiviral fighting agents. It can reduce cholesterol and also solve gastrointestinal infections.

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What Is Mangosteen