Description Of The Orange Fruit  

The orange fruit is one of the widely consumed fruits in America in the form of fruit and juice. It is also extremely popular. It is grown in several parts of Florida and California.

It is also exported to a large extent from Mexico. The orange fruit is orange in color, and it looks like a globe. The shape of the fruit is scientifically described as globus. The rind of orange is thick and the fruit has to be eaten by peeling of the rind. It is a citrus fruit and has a tangy taste.Nearly 60 percent of the oranges produced are made into orange juice and supplied all over the country.

The orange fruit varies in sizes, and a healthy fruit should fill your palm. When you peel the rind off the fruit, you will notice segments of the orange similar to garlic gloves but they are big and juicy. The orange may also have white thread like things covering it. These also need to be removed gently before eating the fruit. There are tiny seeds inside each segment of the orange. The remaining part of the segment is filled with pulp and water.

Orange fruit is rich in Vitamin C, and has several antioxidant properties. It is extremely good for increasing the resistance in the body. Some of the best oranges are grown in Florida. There are more than 16 varieties of oranges grown in the United States. It is also grown in parts of Colorado and Texas. Orange juice is easily the favorite drink of adults and children.

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Description Of The Orange Fruit




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