Facts About Orange Juice

Facts About Orange Juice

Orange is a citrus fruit, and it is also consumed heavily in the United States. The statistics of sales show that oranges and apples are the most consumed fruits in the United States.

Oranges have a tangy taste, and also they are mostly consumed in the form of juice.Oranges have nearly 130 percent of the Vitamin C that you body needs everyday. Some other vitamins and minerals that you find in this fruit are folacin, calcium, thiamin, magnesium and potassium.

The best benefit of orange is gotten from orange juice. When you make a fresh fruit juice, you just need to strain the seeds and there is no need to add any additional sugar.

Orange is a kind of berry, and also the orange tree is an evergreen tree. It is a semitropical fruit tree, and it can be easily grown in some parts of the United States.

Did you know that orange juice is the official beverage of Florida? Nearly 90 percent of the oranges produce in Florida alone is used for making orange juice.

Brazil, the United States and Mexico are the top three countries that produce the maximum number of oranges in the world.

Orange juice is defined as the unfermented juice extracted from a fresh fruit by the federal law. The juice prevents several viral infections that can occur during the cold winter months. Having one glass of juice everyday keeps your immune system alert and at peak to fight and ward off infections.  

Orange juice happens to be the favorite breakfast juice for several families across the United States, and even in other countries.

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Facts About Orange Juice