History Of Mandarin Orange  

Mandarin oranges were born in Southeast Asian countries like China and the Philippines. The exact origin is not been found out. Today, this variety of orange is widely grown in Japan, China, India and the East Indies.

The transformation of mandarin oranges to America was rather slow. Only when they were interested in this specific cultivar, was it decided to be grown in England or America.There were two varieties of oranges that were taken to Canton in England from India. This was in the year 1805. However, they began cultivating this fruit in the Mediterranean in 1850. In Italy, it was well established by then, and soon in the same year it got its name as the China Mandarin. Soon this tree grew rapidly in Arab states because of the ideal weather conditions. It was taken to Japan for the first time in 1876 by a samurai, who was traveling through China, and that is how cultivation of Mandarin oranges started in Japan. It was known as the king mandarin and some specimens of this fruit were taken to Florida.

It was seen that the fruit grew rapidly in Florida, Alabama, California, Texas, and Georgia. Orange tree is an evergreen plant. It has small tiny bright green leaves and also has white flowers. However, Mandarin oranges have never been so popular in the United States like they are in the oriental regions. They are very popular in the southern parts of India. Even now Mexican and Florida oranges easily take over Mandarin oranges in the US. Also, the fruits are sensitive in nature, and do not live long after they are plucked from the tree.

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History Of Mandarin Orange




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