History Of Orange Fruit  

Orange is a juicy fruit that belongs to the citrus family. There are several other fruits from the same family like grapefruit, lemon, and lime. There are two varieties of orange.

One is the bitter one, and the other is sweet. Orange was initially found in Southeast Asia, especially in India. The name of orange is derived from Sanskrit.The fruit is covered with a bright orange skin which is known as the rind and the spongy ripe fruit lies beneath the rind. Different varieties of oranges were grown in India. It has been in cultivation for nearly 7,000 years. Also, ancient Indian history shows that oranges were used in cooking. Some historians disagree that the fruit is a native of India and say that it was grown in ancient China as well.

The Romans were the first to identify the fruit and taste it among the Europeans. The Persian traders were the first ones to introduce the fruit to the Romans. Persian traders were involved in active trade with India and Ceylon, present day Sri Lanka. The Romans started growing them in North Africa and from there they were traded along the Mediterranean. As the Islamic religion rose, the fruit was further traded to the Middle East, and was eventually grown in thousands there. From the Middle Eastern countries, it was supplied in bulk to the European countries. Eventually, by the 16th century, it was present almost throughout the world, and even found its way to the United States. Florida was the first state to grow oranges in America.

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History Of Orange Fruit




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History-Of-Orange-Juice      Orange is an ancient fruit which originated in Southeast Asia. It is a very common fruit in Asia, and has been cultivated for thousands of years. Orange has a long history of how it traveled from one country to another throughout the world. However, how did people end up making orange juice out of oranges is an interesting journey by itself. More..




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