History Of Orange Juice  

Orange is an ancient fruit which originated in Southeast Asia. It is a very common fruit in Asia, and has been cultivated for thousands of years.

Orange has a long history of how it traveled from one country to another throughout the world.However, how did people end up making orange juice out of oranges is an interesting journey by itself.Oranges were always consumed by hand and it was never made into juice in any of these ancient countries that grew them. In the 16th century, Florida was flourishing growing oranges. It was here that the first orange juice was made. Americans first realized that the oranges had a wealth of nutrients other than being rich in Vitamin C.

Also, an American scientist found that the rich source of Vitamin C could effectively cure scurvy. Scurvy was a common disease of that time. By the 1920s, as Florida cultivated several oranges, the consumption also increased tremendously. People began having orange juice for breakfast regularly. It was the favorite combination of several Americans to have scrambled eggs, bacon and orange juice for their morning breakfast.

In the mid 1980s, the ready to drink orange juice became very popular and started being sold popularly all over the US. The consumption of orange juice increased even more rapidly after this period. The demand was so high that nearly 90 percent of the oranges that were being grown in Florida were being made into orange juice and were being sold. Eventually, Florida oranges became very popular and the most preferred ones in the US.

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History Of Orange Juice




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