How Long Does It Take To Grow An Orange ?  

It takes at least one year for an orange tree to start growing fruit from the time it was planted. The life cycle of an orange tree is quite complicated to understand, and a lot depends on the weather conditions it has to grow in.

An orange tree, if allowed, can grow as tall as fifty feet.It has light green and dark green leaves and also has bright white flowers. These flowers bloom into bright oranges. Oranges can be grown in subtropical kind of temperature. It needs direct sunlight to grow. It depends on how you are growing the plant. If you have bought a sapling from the nursery, then you can wait for at least a year for the orange tree to grow to about four feet. This is an ideal height for the tree to start producing fruits. However, for oranges to come on a regular basis on the tree, it takes at least four years from its birth.

Oranges start as a flower and they take about eight weeks to mature into a ripe fruit. However, people who grow oranges put in a lot of effort throughout the year to make the oranges juicy and pulpy. For an average person, who is just growing the plant, the product might not be so great. You may get moderate sized oranges if you do not give the tree additional care. The orange tree is an evergreen tree, and producing fruit is a continuous process for it just like limes.

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How Long Does It Take To Grow An Orange




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