How To Plant Orange Seeds ?  

If you want to grow oranges right from the seed, then try to buy a pack of seeds from the local nursery. If you want to grow the seeds from an orange fruit you had, then you should try planting the seeds.

Choose the ripest fruit and take out the seeds carefully without damaging them.First dry the seeds out completely in the sun, and then put one seed each in a pot. Try planting five of them. It may take a week for the seed to germinate. Also, when you are planting the seed make sure that the pointed side of the seed is looking up or facing up. This is part of the seed that will produce the plant, and it will come out of the soil. In the mean time, just keep sprinkling water, and keep the soil moist. 

When you plant the seed in a pot, you have better control of it and you can take care of it well. When the seed germinates, you will notice tiny green leaves coming out of the plant. Allow the plant to grow in the pot until reaches two feet in height. When it reaches this height, it is safe to transplant them.

If you are planting more than one tree into the ground, select a sunny spot in the garden where there are no other trees. Also, place each tree at least 10 feet apart. Orange trees can grow as tall as fifty feet and they can become huge. Also, they need complete sunlight to grow.

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How To Plant Orange Seeds




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