Orange Migraine Treatment  

Orange is a tropical and subtropical fruit. Scientists have found several beneficial nutrients in orange. The main ingredient present in an orange is Vitamin C.

It also has several antioxidants. It has other vitamins and minerals like phosphate, calcium, thiamine, Vitamin B6, and folic acid. All these together improve the immune system response in the body, and also provide a lot of resistance.Doctors believe that by drinking a glass of orange juice everyday people can stay healthy without falling sick. The properties of orange have been found useful even in treating migraines.

A migraine is a headache that occurs due to several reasons. It may be a side effect of some illness, or it may be due to dehydration. Sometimes, anxiety or stress also causes migraines. People who suffer from frequent migraines depend on analgesics for treatment. However, doctors say that one glass of orange juice or orange fruit might help curing the migraine and preventing it from occurring. The phytonutrients in the orange act as stress busters and also supply water to the nerve cells. Orange has high water content.

Ancient medical sciences like Ayurveda recommend orange rind medicines for people who suffer from frequent headaches. Even if it is being caused due to some eye irregularities, the headache can be cured.

However, one needs to have orange juice over a period of time for it to treat migraines effectively. Even when people have it immediately during the headache, orange juice reduces the pain considerably. Oranges were popularly known as the miracle fruit during the 1980s.

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Orange Migraine Treatment




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Vitamins-In-Orange-Juice      One glass of orange juice can be made with three oranges without mixing water and added sugar. Orange has a natural tangy and sweet taste. One glass of orange juice can have several health benefits for a person. In fact, one cup of orange juice with your breakfast everyday can boost your immunity levels. You will fall sick less frequently when your immune system is alert. There are several vitamins that are important for the body, and they are found in oranges. More..




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