Vitamins In Orange Juice  

One glass of orange juice can be made with three oranges without mixing water and added sugar. Orange has a natural tangy and sweet taste. One glass of orange juice can have several health benefits for a person.

In fact, one cup of orange juice with your breakfast everyday can boost your immunity levels. You will fall sick less frequently when your immune system is alert. There are several vitamins that are important for the body, and they are found in oranges.Vitamin C is very important for the body as it fights all the disease causing germs, bacteria and viruses. When this vitamin is present in our body, then the virus and bacteria become weak, and the chances of us falling sick is reduced. Vitamin C also enhances the absorption of calcium. It can help in fast recovery from tissue tear, or can be of great benefit for people who have arthritis. Vitamin C is also good for the heart, and works in reducing cholesterol, stress and anxiety.

Folic acid is very good to prevent several long term diseases including cancer. It is highly recommended for pregnant women because it has several beneficial functionalities in the body and prevents certain congenital disorders in the growing baby. It also provides the blood with several nutrients.

Iron found in orange juice is good for the blood. Every person needs some quantity of iron for making red blood cells in the body.

Thiamin is also needed by the body cells for various functionalities. Thiamin also benefits the liver, and improves digestion. In addition, it plays a role in the growth of the body.

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Vitamins In Orange Juice




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