What Is Inside An Orange Fruit ?  

The orange fruit is a subtropical fruit grown in Southeast Asian countries. It is a bright orange colored fruit with a thick rind as skin.

The skin of the orange fruit is not edible, but according to some scientists it has several nutrients and fiber.When you peel the skin from the orange fruit, you will find several slices of orange like garlic cloves in a round figured ball. They are all held together. You can eat each clove of the fruit. You will further find thin white fibrous threads on the cloves. You can pull off these threads, and continue eating the fruit.

The orange fruit slices are rich with watery juice and also pulp. There are seeds also within these slices. In one fruit of orange, there can be around 12 slices. Each of these slices can be peeled away from each other. This pulp has several nutrients and vitamins. The juice has water, and it is rich in Vitamin C.

The orange has a sweet and sour taste, and sometimes tangy. If you want to make juice out of the orange fruit, then you have to cut it into half in the middle of the fruit. Then you can squash it through a juicer. However, do not discard the pulp as it holds several beneficial nutrients for your body. The best way to have orange is to consume the fresh fruit without discarding anything. Some people even use the orange rind in facial packs and masks. It acts as an antioxidant and also removes tan from the skin.

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What Is Inside An Orange Fruit




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