What Is Orange Juice Made Of ?

What Is Orange Juice Made Of ?

Homemade orange juice can be made out of only the fresh fruit. All you need is an orange juicer. Remember, a good orange juicer will only remove the seeds but keep the juicy pulp.

Orange juice is best with the pulp as you get the benefits of all the nutrients present in the pulp and the fruit.However, some people like to have plain orange juice without getting any pulp in the way. This kind of quality is available in ready to sell orange juices. Typically, the cartons that you buy from the supermarkets have plain juice without any pulp.

Orange juice was first made in Florida. People discovered in the 1980 that having orange juice prevented scurvy. So, the juice became very popular to the extent that it has become America’s favorite breakfast drink.

Processed orange juice is made of sugars, preservatives and oranges. The shelf life of any carton is at least 12 weeks. Typically, fresh orange fruit juice will not last even a week. So, these cartons obviously use additives and other sugars in order to preserve the juice for so long. The orange pulp is ground in machines thoroughly that it completely dissolves and then it gets added into the watery juice form. The orange juice in the cartons is fairly thick because it has the ground pulp also in it.

However, you can choose to have oranges in any form. Also, orange juice in cartons is more economical to buy, and that is why people prefer to buy it readymade. It also means less effort.

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What Is Orange Juice Made Of