How To Dry Papaya ?

How To Dry Papaya ?

People use the option of drying out a papaya only if they do not get the fruit year around, and they wish to have it when they do not get the fruit.

Drying out a fruit is very similar to dehydrating a fruit. There are two ways of drying out a papaya.Method number one is to dry it out naturally in the sun. If you are blessed with a sunny or hot weather then, cut the papaya into two equal halves and scoop the seeds out. The seeds have a peppery taste and can be used as salad dressings after drying them out. Cut the papaya into thin long strips because storage becomes easy. If you dry out as a whole large piece, then you will need big containers to store it.

Dry it out in the sun until all the water is drained out. The flesh of the papaya will be wrinkled, and the whole fruit will shrink in size. Since you have already cut it into long slices, these will shrink further in size. You know that the papaya is entirely dry when you do not see any sign of water. This could take one whole week. Cover the papaya with a meshed or netted cloth while drying them out.

Another way to dry it out is using your good old oven. Toss the papaya inside and turn the temperature up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. As described above, you will need to slice up the papaya first. It may take 12 hours at the maximum to dry the papaya in the oven. However, you need to keep a check on it every hour and see to how much the slices have dried.

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How To Dry Papaya