How To Grow Papaya From Seed ?

How To Grow Papaya From Seed ?

A papaya tree is the native to South and Central America. It needs tropical or sub tropical climate to grow. It means that the tree needs fertile soil, and also sunny weather to grow.

The young plant needs at least 6 hours of sunlight everyday to prosper and grow.Some of the basic necessities for a papaya tree to survive are sunlight, fertile soil, water and no snow or frost. These are enough to grow the plant, and otherwise it is very easy maintaining the papaya tree. There are two options of procuring seeds for a papaya tree.

One is buying your own fruit, and taking seeds from that, and the other is getting the seeds from a nursery. However, you just need one seed to grow a huge papaya tree. When you cut open a papaya, you will get plenty of seeds that are good enough for a whole plantation of papaya. So, get some seeds from a nursery because they will be already prepared and ready for you.

Choose a sunny spot in your garden and dig a two inches or deeper hole. Do not put the seed into a pot. Papayas need a stable environment to grow and they are not good with transplanting.

Wait for a week for the seed to germinate into a plant. You will soon see a small sprout and this is a sign that your attempt in growing a papaya tree was successful. Do not over water the plant. Take care of the plant by watering it regularly and making sure it is growing well. Once it is grown up to two feet, then feed the soil with fertilizer again. Papaya is a hungry plant and needs lot of fertilizing to grow well. Within one year, it would have shot up at least 8 feet and it would also start giving fruits around this time.

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How To Grow Papaya From Seed