How To Prepare A Papaya ?

How To Prepare A Papaya ?

A papaya can be prepared for dinners and such occasions by carving the fruit. They make interesting table tops and present several possibilities.

Since the middle part of the fruit is hollow you can use it as a boat for other fruits to sit on it and make an interesting fruit salad. It is not only healthy, but also appetizing just to look at it. These are some of the innovative ways you can use to make a fruit look and taste interesting.Preparing a papaya to eat means peeling the skin, cutting the papaya, scooping the seeds out and also serving it.

While peeling the skin of the papaya, do it in long strips and in a lengthwise fashion. A papaya skin does not peel off easily. So, you will need to put a little pressure. The skin is not thick, but it is attached firmly to the flesh. Do not worry about the mess because the inside of the fruit is quite firm. Only the inner most layer of the papaya is mushy and creamy. It is also the tastiest part of the fruit. The seeds are located in the inside hollow of the fruit. When you cut the papaya length wise and split it into two halves you will notice the black wealth of seeds. You can scoop them out. They will be covered with thin opaque mucus-like substance. After the seeds are out, you have clean shells of papaya which you can cut into squarest pieces or long strips and have it with your dessert. Papaya makes an ideal desert for its rich and creamy taste. It is also a great way to start your day by having a cup of cut papaya.

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How To Prepare A Papaya