Nutritional Value Papaya

Nutritional Value Papaya

The papaya is a pear shaped fruit, but it is much bigger than a pear in size. It is also very tasty and delicious fruit. The length and weight of the papaya can vary and one papaya can grow to be the size of a football.

It is possible to pluck the papaya when it is not yet ripe and the allow it to ripen on its own. However, once it has been plucked from the tree, it can ripen within a week.A papaya is sold in the markets throughout the year, and is also grown in the United States. It is a native of South and Central America. There are several valuable nutrients in a papaya. Many of them are beneficial for health. The calories value of one serving of papaya or one cup of cut fruit can be as little as 30 calories. That is how much calories a cup of tea or two spoons of sugar have.

Nutritional Value of Papaya:

Protein - 0.6%

Fat - 0.1%

Fiber - 0.8%

Minerals - 0.5%

Carbohydrates - 7.2%

Minerals and Vitamins in 100 grams of Papaya:

Calcium - 17 mg

Phosphorus - 13 mg

Iron - 0.5 mg

Vitamin C - 57 mg

Small amounts of Vitamin B Complex

There are several health benefits of eating a papaya. It has enzymes that promote digestion. Papaya prevents constipation. It is efficient in controlling colon infections and colon cancer. It gets rid of morning sickness, stomach aches, and motion sickness. Papaya is also a good bleaching agent and does a good job of removing sun tan from your skin.

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Nutritional Value Papaya