Papaya Tree Care  

The papaya tree grows very fast, but it is a short lived tree. The leaves resemble that of a palm tree. It is quite an ugly tree which grows very tall, and the trunk is devoid of leaves.

The leaves grow only on the top, and so does the fruit. However, if you are growing a papaya tree, then you should understand the tree’s needs, and make sure that it gets everything it needs.A papaya tree has to be protected in several ways while it grows. It is prone to several tree diseases, and you should know how to protect the tree from them. Fruits also tend to develop rot and spots. In order to get spotless papayas, you need to invest in some good organic pesticide, and spray it every once in a while.

Also, when the plant is growing, you need to ensure it is getting proper nutrients. When a plant does not get its nutrients, it develops various problems. The papaya tree, when it is growing, is always hungry. You need to mix the soil with a lot of nutrients, and make sure it is always fertile and rich in nutrients. One of the best ways to feed the soil is to use organic fertilizers. They tend to get used up, and you can keep refilling them. Remember to feed the soil around a papaya tree every few weeks, or every time the plant grows about one to one and a half foot tall.

Water the plant regularly. You should not water too much, or else the plant will develop root rot. Make sure the soil gets to breathe. Also, if you are expecting bad weather in terms of frost, then you would need to protect the plant. If it is too tall, then the frost may not affect the fruits.

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Papaya Tree Care




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Papaya-Tree-Disease      The papaya tree has a short life cycle, and does not live long like the other fruit trees. It grows to a certain height, bears fruits, and then dies. The papaya tree is native to both South America and India. It is cultivated vastly, and also it grows wild here. The papaya trees produce the fruit all through the year. One tree can produce as many as 75 fruits in one single year. However, it is a sensitive plant and one problem with it is that it has no tolerance to cold weather. One bout of frost can damage the plant without mercy. More..




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