Papaya Tree Disease  

The papaya tree has a short life cycle, and does not live long like the other fruit trees. It grows to a certain height, bears fruits, and then dies.

The papaya tree is native to both South America and India. It is cultivated vastly, and also it grows wild here. The papaya trees produce the fruit all through the year. One tree can produce as many as 75 fruits in one single year. However, it is a sensitive plant and one problem with it is that it has no tolerance to cold weather. One bout of frost can damage the plant without mercy.The papaya tree is prone to blossom end rot, spots on fruits, mildew, and root rot. Most of these diseases can be prevented with timely intervention. The papaya needs a good amount of sun everyday to stay healthy. If you have taken care to plant the tree under sunlight, then most of these problems should not occur. Also, while watering, take care not to over water the plant as it may damage the roots and cause root rot.

Papaya trees suffer from both fungal and viral diseases. Bacterial infections also take a toll on the plant. The problem with papaya is that because of it is height, you cannot reach the leaves and see if the rot has spread to them. It is possible with a small plant. So, you need to examine the trunk of the tree very closely and keep tracking the black spots and signs of infection. Spraying pesticides or fungicides can help to stop the infections from spreading.

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Papaya Tree Disease




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