Types Of Papaya  

There are different types of papayas available today in the world. Several countries have started cultivating papayas, and you get them from all over the world.

In the United States, itself, there are Puerto Rican papayas, Hawaiian papayas and Mexican papayas. There are also South American and Central American papayas. They are not much different from each other, but they are quite unique in taste.The Kamiah papaya is one of the types of papayas. It is round in shape and carries more pulp and flesh within. This is a genetically combined form of two different varieties of papaya, and one plant can just yield one fruit.

The Mexican red papaya is reddish papaya, and it is very sweet. It is sweeter than the Hawaiian variety. This type needs a lot of sun to grow, and also the tree requires a well draining soil. The fruit is quite elongated in shape.

The Mexican yellow papaya is a ripened fruit, and when you press down the fruit with your finger, it makes an impression. It is very similar in taste to the Mexican red papaya. This is also a common variety of papaya, and it is widely available in the United States. It grows naturally just like the red papaya grows. However, it needs hot weather, plenty of sunlight and also well draining soil.

The solo is one of the most common varieties of papaya available in the US. This type of fruit grows in Hawaii, and has a reddish orange tinge to the skin. It is also found in several other tropical countries.

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Types Of Papaya




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When-To-Pick-Papaya      In order to pick a papaya, you should know when it is ripe. The papaya grows high up in the tree, and it is quite difficult to tell from the bottom if it is ready enough to be plucked or not unless you are a very good climber. However, from the ground if you can see the yellow bottom of the fruit, then it is mostly ripening. Also, it should be big enough to pluck. More..




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