When To Pick Papaya ?  

In order to pick a papaya, you should know when it is ripe. The papaya grows high up in the tree, and it is quite difficult to tell from the bottom if it is ready enough to be plucked or not unless you are a very good climber.

However, from the ground if you can see the yellow bottom of the fruit, then it is mostly ripening. Also, it should be big enough to pluck.If it satisfies both the conditions, then you can just take a long stick and try hitting it. It will fall on the ground and you can pick it and store it in a paper bag until it ripens completely.

If you are picking a papaya in a store from a whole bunch of them, then you need to look for certain characteristics. First of all take the papaya in your hand. It will be quite bulky, but hold it and smell it. It will have sweet papaya smell. If it is not ripe, it will smell raw and mildly salty.

Another way to test for ripeness is press the skin of the papaya with your finger. If it is good enough, then it will slightly be pressed down and you can see the finger impression on it. It is possible that papaya has both the colors of green and yellow or orange on it. Yellow color forms when the parts of papaya are slightly ripe. Orange color means it is fully ripe, and green color means it is beginning to ripe. It is possible that the papaya has all the three colors. However, a good ripe papaya will be mostly orange in color.

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When To Pick Papaya




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