Types Of Pear

Types Of Pear

Pear is a seasonal fruit which has a soft and sweet pulp. These are grown the world over and almost 5,000 different varieties of pears are grown every year. The broadest classification of pears is Asian, American and European pears. The Asian pears are crunchy, round and sweet. They are available for limited time in the year but gaining popularity. Pears are usually available in autumn and winters.


In the United States, one of the most widely grown varieties of pear is Bartlett. This constitutes approximately 70 percent of the entire pear market. These are mostly grown in the orchards of California, Oregon and Washington. It is strange, but most of these pears are sold directly for canning and Americans consume very little fresh pears. It is not so in Europe. Most Europeans enjoy the sweetness of the fresh pear along with a contrasting taste of cheese.

The 2 varieties of Bartlett pears are the red and green varieties. Although a completely ripe Bartlett may appear yellowish in color, the red variety tends to get the reddish tinge even when raw. Another variety called Anjou pear comes in yellow or red color. Sometimes a ripe Anjou also has a blush of red color when it is ripened fully.

Bosco is another variety of pear which has a different appearance. Their skin is brown in color and the feel of the skin texture is grainy. The pulp inside is as soft and smooth like other varieties. Their top half is well elongated and the bottom is less rounded than the varieties like Bartlett or Anjou. Most of the fresh pears available in the grocery stores are of this variety.

Comice is a variety in which the pear is large in size and very rounded in appearance. Seckels is yet another variety which is tiny in size but tastes very sweet. Royal pears are a specialty of pears for which Davids and Harry hold the copyright. The taste is undoubtedly excellent and the pear is juicy as well. But many still refrain from purchasing this variety due to its exorbitant cost of $10 for a pound.

In Gloucestershire, England, more than 100 different varieties of pears are grown. Many growers pick the pear unripe since they tend to have unpleasant and mushy centre portions when left to ripen on trees. Thereafter the pears are put inside paper bag for a couple of days. This helps the unripe pears to ripen. The ideal pear for consumption will feel soft when pressed gently by the fingertips.

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