What Is The Life Cycle Of A Pineapple ?

What Is The Life Cycle Of A Pineapple ?

A pineapple is a tropical fruit, and the native of Brazil and Paraguay. It was first found in the jungles of Brazil by Portuguese travelers.

However, pineapple was eaten by people of several cultures that existed in the tropical areas.Essentially the pineapple needs a tropical weather and environment to grow. There are some basic conditions for the pineapple tree to grow. It needs well draining soil, fertile grounds, warm weather and ample rains to grow. However, the lifecycle of the pineapple tree is an interesting one. Most people think that pineapple is a fruit. In fact, it is a part of the stem and it becomes bulbous in the middle and then has leaves sprouting from the top. So, it is just a branch of the plant and not a fruit.

The pineapple tree needs eighteen months to grow to its full size and develop these pineapple shaped branches. These branches start as flowers and they start growing thicker and fatter.

A pineapple takes about 3 weeks to come to its full size before it is cut off. Also, a single tree can give around eight pineapples. Every year, the size of the pineapple keeps reducing. However, the tree does not live beyond four to five years. Because of constantly cutting the fruit, it may just become one single stem growing straight and without any branches. When this happens, the tree will not bear any fruits.

After planting the tree you can expect the fruits within one year.

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What Is The Life Cycle Of A Pineapple