Can You Freeze Plums

Can You Freeze Plums ?

Plums are fruits one would want to savor all year round whether it is in the season or otherwise. This pulpy fruit comes in many varieties and colors and is mostly cultivated in the orchards of California. This is a sought after fruit before Christmas or holiday times when one would like to see sugar plums being laid on the table. So, one option of ensuring that you get plums in winter is by freezing.


In order to enjoy the taste of plums in off-season as well, one can store and preserve plums by freezing. Short term storage can be done by placing them in refrigerators in air-tight containers. For long term, they need controlled environment with the temperature ranging from 31 to 32 degrees Fahrenheit and relative humidity of approximately 90 to 95 percent.

One can sweeten them in sugar syrup and pack in air-tight containers which will last for more than a year. This can be eaten directly or made good use of in recipe like pastries and pies.

Sweet plum can be preserved by first washing and drying the plums and halving them to remove pits. Peel them if required. Sugar should be melted in water over low heat while stirring constantly to ensure that all the granules are completely dissolved. Place the pot aside for cooling and then add lemon juice. In the container used for freezing, place the halved plums and pour the syrup leaving approximately half an inch gap on the top. Close the lid tightly and freeze.

Plums can be frozen without sugar as well. Wash, dry and peel the plums and cut them in to wedges or any suitable shape. Place them on baking sheet and put them into the coldest area of the refrigerator into order to freeze them. Allow the plums to freeze the whole night if possible. Fill the frozen plums in re-sealable bags and put them back into the freezer. These can be preserved up to 6 months.

Frozen plums need not be defrosted before using in making jams or pies. These wedges can be dropped in to ice tea, lemonade or other drinks for that plumy flavor.

Depending on one’s taste, plums can be frozen in white grape juice as well. One should first cook the plums and place them in air-tight storage pouches or bags before pouring the grape juice. With the juice poured in, ensure that you get rid of air bubbles if any and then seal the pouch to store in the freezer.

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