Pruning Raspberries

Pruning Raspberries

Raspberries grow in different varieties and the pruning can get confusing if you do not know what kind of crop you have. If you learn the differences, you can have an evergreen crop. A good harvest can be enjoyed even from a small patch of raspberries. There are two different kinds, the ever bearing and the summer bearing ones. They can also be called the primocanes and the floricanes. So, before you start pruning, learn the differences between them.


The raspberries canes are biennial but the roots and the crown are perennial. Primocanes are the ones which grow in the first year of the crop. They can be easily identified because they are thin, slender and bright in color. Floricanes are the ones which grow in the second year of the crop. They are thicker and more established. They have a woody appearance and they produce the flowers and fruits. Pruning can be easy if you identify these differences.

Pruning should be done to remove the diseases. The best time to do this is in early March or April. Once the berries are harvested during the summer months prune the fruiting canes to the ground. The primo canes should be left alone for another year of production.

The ever bearing raspberries produce 2 different crops in one year.  The first crop will be responsible for producing primocanes. The second crop will produce the floricanes at the bottom. The best time to prune is in March for this variety. You should prune all the canes that are at the ground level. This will eliminate the recent summer crop, but the flower and fruits mature only before a couple of weeks. This type of pruning method is very easy and quick. Skip the summer month crop so that you can avoid problems with frost and damage. Even diseases can be controlled using this method.

Ever bearing raspberries can be pruned for a big fall crop. In the month of March or early half of April, prune all the canes at the ground level. So, the basic difference is you can have two small crops or one large crop. There will be many shoot plants on the side and you have to remove them all. Trim them away so that the cane receives better air circulation. This pruning can be done for both ever bearing and the summer bearing varieties of raspberry. Improving air circulation also decreases the chances of diseases.

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