Best Frosting For Strawberry Cake  

Baking a cake with fresh strawberries is the most delicious thing to have as a dessert or just as a snack. However, what makes every cake interesting and gives the finishing touches is the frosting on it.

Without frosting, no cake tastes the same. Strawberry and any frosting is a great combination.If you are a big strawberry fan, then go for a strawberry frosting. Strawberry frosting is very easy to make, and you can use fresh strawberries for the frosting also.

Chocolates and strawberries are also great combinations. All of us love chocolate coated strawberries as a snack, and many of us crave chocolate nearly everyday. You can prepare a chocolate frosting plain or include cherries and strawberries in it. Butterscotch frosting and strawberries are also a great combination.

If you have used vanilla as the cake base along with strawberries, then you should either choose a chocolate frosting as the color combination would be rich or you can go for a cherry frosting. Different types of frosting can be made for cakes using icing sugar and butter. However, how you choose the frosting also depends on the flavor and the color of the cake. If the cake is white, then you need to add more color to the cake by using a darker shade of frosting. For white strawberry cakes, you can choose rich pink frosting made out of strawberries, chocolate, coffee flavored frosting or some other fruit flavored ones.

The best combination until date is the strawberry short cake with a cheese frosting for ultimate strawberry and cheese tastes mingling together.

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Best Frosting For Strawberry Cake




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