Growing Tips For Strawberry Plants  

Strawberry plants are climate and soil sensitive. If these two are ideal, then there would be no problem growing the plant at all. If the soil is ideal and fertile, the plant will prosper.

However, once you have decided to own a strawberry patch, be prepared to invest some time maintaining it also. Here are some tips that will help you maintain the best strawberry patch, and also enjoy the fruits of labor.Mulching for strawberry plants is an essential part of maintenance. The mulch underneath the thick bush helps the soil to be clean and fertilized, and also it will keep the weeds from growing. The strawberry plant is a hungry plant, and has to have the richest form of soil. It cannot share it with weeds, or else the plant will not grow. Mulching also helps to give it heat, and prevent it from cold or extremely hot weather. So, the mulch serves dual purpose. The moment you see any weeds, make sure you pull them out immediately.

Soil fertilizing has to be done as soon as you plant the strawberry plants in the ground. In addition, you have to fertilize the soil when the plants start bearing flowers. You can use organic form of fertilizers to maintain the soil pH levels.

Thinning the strawberry plants in the first season gives the plants the extra boost and in the fall you will get ripe berries. So, do not be impatient. Let the first crop go. Pluck away the flowers by pinching at the bottom when you see them budding. It is not yet time for the berries to grow. Strawberries need the heat to grow well and the winter months are not going to help. Even if it is summer still, let the first crop go because it is a tradition practiced by all strawberry growers.

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Growing Tips For Strawberry Plants




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