Strawberry Facts

Strawberry Facts

Strawberry is such a delicious fruit that almost everyone enjoys eating it. However, not many people know too much about the strawberry. So, here are some strawberry facts that are bound to amaze you.

Strawberry Facts:
Strawberry is the only fruit in the world that has its seeds outside the berry. One strawberry can have as many as 200 seeds.

Strawberry has several therapeutic uses according to the ancient Romans. They thought that it could alleviate depression, and also manage its symptoms. It can control fainting and also works well against inflammations. It is effective in curing throat infections, bad breath, kidney stones and liver-related conditions. It also does good to the blood, and it is good for the heart.

A strawberry is used as a symbol of righteousness, and that is why during medieval times it was common to find a strawberry carved on altars and pillars in the churches. It is also a common feature in the cathedrals.

In Bavaria there is an annual event practiced during spring of each year that involved tying wild strawberries in baskets and tying it up to the horn of the cattle. It was meant to be an offering to the elves. The common belief is that elves are very fond of strawberries, and they will help the cattle produce more milk in return for the strawberries.

Madame Tallien was a famous woman during the time of Napoleon, and she bathed with the juice of strawberries.
Strawberries are the first fruit of spring season.

There is an entire museum in Belgium that has been dedicated to strawberries.

Strawberries actually belong to the rose family of plants.

Almost all households in the United States eat strawberries when the fruit is in season.

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Strawberry Facts